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Do I have your Attention?


If you have ever witnessed a Tiger hunting its prey, you will have marvelled at its ability to focus its attention. It is fortunate for it can keep its eyes locked on its Target. Golf presents its players with a much greater challenge which takes you beyond the eyes and into your brain...

HOW to Train & Trust


For many golfers, the practice facility is seen only as a place to develop their technical skills. Most end up playing how they practice, riddled with swing thoughts and doubting their ability to swing consistently. HOW can you ever Trust in competition that which you continue to doubt in your practice....


Pathway to Performance



Comprehension ---->

State Management ---->

Attentional Focus ---->

High Performance Golf.


Your journey begins here....

Lessons for Golf and Life


Target Oriented Golf is not just a set of products designed to change the way you practice and play golf. It is supported by people dedicated to helping you understand your self and the game of golf beyond the swing. If you love golf but struggle to enjoy it, invest some time and talk with us...


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Discover HOW to Focus your Attention for Golf

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Target Oriented Golf - The Evolution Of Golf Instruction

The key to performance and flow in golf (and ALL life skills) is understanding how to keep your conscious mind away from attempting to control your physical actions. Have you ever been taught in practice HOW to trust your technical skills in golf? Are you ready to learn?

If you are a beginner, start here before your very first technical lesson. If you are a Tour Professional looking for answers to your inconsistent tournament performances, they will lie within. If you are a dedicated amateur somewhere in between and wondering why your best golf performances remain so frustratingly elusive NOW is the time to find out why.

Target Oriented Golf is the world's first and only golf coaching program to systematically explain HOW to FOCUS your mind for golf and demonstrate how to put the comprehensive theory into practical procedures you can practice at home, on the range and enjoy out on the golf course. No NLP. No EFT. No 3 Principles. No hypnosis. This is ALL golf instruction.

Anxiety Control, Attentional Focus, Targeting and Acceptance skills are the cornerstones of successful golfers and all explained in this unique approach to the game of golf. Target Oriented Golf will help you 'join the dots' in a way you have never before experienced. Developing a sound technique lays the foundation. Learning HOW to TRUST it is the key.

Until you UNDERSTAND why, when, where and how to focus your attention CONSISTENTLY, your performance on course will remain as inconsistent as your thoughts during practice.

If you believe there must be a piece missing from your golf instruction jigsaw, you have come to the right place and if you've ever heard yourself utter those immortal words after a great shot: "Why can't I do that all the time!?" - Welcome to Target Oriented Golf.


Please take a moment to consider some valuable words of wisdom before you enter the site:


"We CANNOT solve our problems with the SAME thinking we used when we created them."


- Albert Einstein

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Target Oriented Golf Mission Statement