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Do I have your Attention?


If you have ever witnessed a Tiger hunting its prey, you will have marvelled at its ability to focus its attention. It is fortunate for it can keep its eyes locked on its Target. Golf presents its players with a much greater challenge which takes you beyond the eyes and into your brain...

HOW to Train & Trust


For many golfers, the practice facility is seen only as a place to develop their technical skills. Most end up playing how they practice, riddled with swing thoughts and doubting their ability to swing consistently. HOW can you ever Trust in competition that which you continue to doubt in your practice....


Pathway to Performance



Comprehension ---->

State Management ---->

Attentional Focus ---->

High Performance Golf.


Your journey begins here....

Lessons for Golf and Life


Target Oriented Golf is not just a set of products designed to change the way you practice and play golf. It is supported by people dedicated to helping you understand your self and the game of golf beyond the swing. If you love golf but struggle to enjoy it, invest some time and talk with us...


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Discover HOW to Focus your Attention for Golf

  • "Don't let your eyes cloud your vision" - Colin Cromack
  • "Be in charge of your thinking" - Moe Norman
  • "Attentional Focus is the hearbeat of consciousness - ignore it at your peril!" - Colin Cromack
  • "I didn't really have a swing thought this week. I was just seeing the target and hitting it" - Rory Mcllroy
  • "I swing 'through' the ball, not 'at' it" - Moe Norman
  • "I used to get out there and have a thousand swing thoughts. Now I try not to have any" - Davis Love III
  • "Imagination and Visualisation are my keys to success" - Moe Norman
  • "I just try to shoot where I'm aiming. I play by sight and feel not by technical thoughts" - Fred Couples.

  • "I always play Target golf" - Moe Norman
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Some Food For Thought...

Are you an Outcome or Target Oriented Putter?

    Are you also losing sight of your Target when putting? My money says you will be.

    Go and throw a ball at a target. What are you LOOKING at? The TARGET. Where is your ATTENTION? The TARGET. Now, pick another target and notice how you INTUITIVELY know how hard to throw the ball. The TARGET gives you FEEL. You are now in the Zone. Not difficult was it. If you remove the Target from your ATTENTION as you execute a throw or hit a golf ball you are, in essence, playing blind. You have no commitment and little confidence. The long putter may be whispering your name.

    Why do you think many Professional Golfers STILL struggle to TRUST their stroke?

    The researcher concluded that focusing on FEEL provides optimum performance. HOW do you experience FEEL when you putt if the target is not the focus of your attention as you execute? What provides feel when throwing a ball at a target? External focus is the key, NOT internal. Unfortunately, many golfers focus on their stroke, ball or their desired outcome. It may surprise you but when you understand Attentional Focus you will discover why the majority of golfers attempt to putt whilst wearing a 'mental blindfold' with NO target in mind because they focus on mechanics or other irrelevant thoughts.

    Let me demonstrate Target Oriented Putting: find your line, then SEE your Target!


    Let us get back to basics of Attentional Focus.

    Was there any self talk present as you executed your throw? No. Any CONSCIOUS control of your actions required? None. Anxiety present? Zero. Hypnosis required to achieve this? None. By attending to your Target, you TRUST your PHYSICAL actions to your nonconscious mind. You have NO choice but to do so. Target Oriented Throwing.

    Would you advise anything other than the TARGET be the focus of attention when throwing a ball? Grip? Ball? Arm position? Takeaway? Throw thoughts? That would be absolute nonsense wouldn't it but unfortunately this is how the vast majority putt.

    When/how will you ever trust your stroke when you do nothing but continually strive to control it in practice? World wide Tour Pro's are striving to find a way to Trust their putting stroke. Why is no-one coaching them HOW to Trust? Maybe, just maybe, they do not know how. Being TOLD to "trust it" is not the same as being taught HOW. Do you understand HOW to Train for Trust to achieve your optimum performances?

    MENTALLY executing a golf shot is no different to the above exercise EXCEPT your eyes return to the ball whilst your ATTENTION must stay on target. Eyes on the ball, mind on the TARGET. The target does not suddenly become anxiety inducing or less significant when you look away from it to execute but now you need a specific brain function rather than your eyes to maintain focus on it, your ATTENTIONAL FOCUS.

    This complex neural system has never been explained in detail, let alone coached in practice by PGA coaches or psychologists. It requires deliberate practice and time but Target Oriented Golf will improve your golfing life both ON and OFF the course.

    Unfortunately, swing thoughts or any number of other erroneous OUTCOME oriented thoughts regarding your score, the water, out of bounds, bunkers etc. frequently occupy your attention as you swing and putt whilst playing golf in competition. The target is most often NOT your focus in mind and hence the frustrating inconsistency.

    A plethora of hypnotic suggestion CD's worldwide strive to improve your golf by bypassing your conscious mind whilst you sit in your armchair at home. This highlights why Target Oriented Golf was developed. It will help you UNDERSTAND, not bypass, your conscious mind and actively use it to change the way you practice at the range.

    It will explain why your performances on course rarely reflect technical proficiency demonstrated in practice. Your non-conscious mind is left in peace to do what it does best in ALL life skills you perform successfully - manage your physical actions without conscious interference. So are you focusing on your desired outcome or your target?

    Online Coaching is available for Professional and dedicated amateurs. Come and learn HOW to Train for Trust. You already know the alternative.

    If you know of others who would enjoy the article, please share via Facebook etc. using the button above - your help raising awareness is appreciated.

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